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Heroes of Mavia is a multiplayer game inspired by both Axie Infinity’s blockchain based play-to-earn model, and the base-building concept of Clash of Clans. By bridging the two worlds together, players are able to have true ownership of their assets through NFTs and earn rewards that translate into real world money without even playing the game.

The game will be on Ethereum’s L2 solution Arbitrum and the public beta is scheduled to release in Q3 2022, and fully released in Q4 2022.


There are 3 types of NFTs to purchase in HoM:

  • For you to play the game, you must have a base. This can be attained by purchasing the NFT directly, renting it out or through partnerships
  • If you own a base, you are able to rent it out for a fixed amount, receiving passive income in MAVIA tokens. This will be further explored below
  • Heroes provide extra fire power in both offence and defence
  • A player can own as many Heroes as they like, but only 4 can be used at a time for attack (or defence)
  • Statues provide extra stats to a certain building. For example, it can increase the speed of resource production or troop training time
  • One statue can provide extra stats to only one specific building


Similar to Axie, HoM utilises a two-token model

  • $MAVIA is the token used to purchase the NFTs (bases, heroes, statues)
  • It is also a governance token and is the currency used to pay staking rewards
  • $RUBY is the reward token that is used to upgrade the NFTs as well as for purchasing Gold and Oil, the two resources used within the game. The major ways to use $RUBY is shown in the image below
  • Gold and Oil are resources used to upgrade the items and infantry within the base, such as the walls, turrets and the troops
  • They are obtained primarily through raiding other bases and periodically collecting your resource generators
  • This is different to $RUBY, which is used purely to upgrade or enhance the NFTs (base, heroes and statues)

Earning $MAVIA

$MAVIA can be earned by either renting your base or through base partnerships — in both cases you will still maintain ownership of your land

  • A base can be rented out to more than one player at a time, thus even if you are not playing the game you are able to earn a good passive income simply from owning land
  • However, the earnings of $RUBY from directly playing, go solely to the player that rents — i.e. the player that owns the land does not receive any $RUBY, only $MAVIA
  • Unlike renting, you can only partner up with one player at a time and you will not be receiving a fixed rate of $MAVIA
  • Instead, earnings of $RUBY will be split 50/50

Earning $RUBY

$RUBY is earned through playing the game — the main ways are shown in the image below

  • Similar to $MAVIA, you are able to earn $RUBY without playing the game. This is by successfully defending against opponents’ attacks on your base


  • Land is divided into 3 tiers of rarity: Common, rare and legendary
  • The two biggest advantages of owning Legendary land are the cosmetic benefits and having a chance to earn extra $RUBY when getting rid of obstacles around the base
  • Mavia is not looking to become a proponent of the ‘pay-to-win’ culture, thus players with Common land will have equal opportunity to players with Legendary land
  • Currently there are 4000 plots of land already sold to gaming influencers and VC’s. In the coming weeks, 2000 more will be sold through the whitelist and 1000 more in the public sale
  • Reaching a player base similar to Clash of Clans will lead to a lot of land being introduced into the game. To prevent inflation of $RUBY, there will be a soft cap of 100,000 plots of land
  • Mavia is expecting approximately 25 players per land through renting, which will equate to around 2.5 million players
  • Should the game see exponential growth of players, the Mavia DAO will be able to determine whether new land should be released in the future
  • With the ability to buy land only a couple weeks away and the beta version of the game releasing in Q3, you will be able to soft stake your land until the game launches to earn rewards

Comparison with Axie

  • Mavia’s two-token model seeks to solve the problems that are present with Axie’s current system. Axie’s reward token $SLP has seen a lot of selling pressure as it is not integral to its ecosystem — $SLP is down almost 96% from its ATH
  • $RUBY on the other hand is an essential resource to progress through the game. Furthermore, there are other mechanisms in place to further discourage selling $RUBY, including a 15% burn when transferring from the Mavia Wallet into MetaMask
  • The massive decrease in price is also the result of Axie’s hyperinflation and Axie has no framework in place yet to control this. The graph below shows over 50 million SLP being minted a day (net) in August 2021. The inflation has progressively gotten worse ever since
  • With the increase of players being directly correlated with this issue, Mavia seeks to control the inflation of $RUBY by keeping a soft cap on the amount of land that can exist in the game
  • However, inflation will be inevitable for a game that is expecting an exponential increase in the number of players, and hopefully Mavia will have a robust framework in place to combat this issue (although there are good burn mechanisms currently in place, there is a chance it may not be enough with a very large player base)

Most exciting aspects

  • Wagered Matches are a 1v1 winner-takes-all game mode with $RUBY on the line. With real money at stake, it is arguably the most exciting part of the game and smart, dedicated players will undoubtedly be rewarded handsomely
  • Alliances is a clan-war game mode, where an alliance will be able to wage war on another group. Although unconfirmed, $RUBY could also be at stake when participating in alliances, making it another exciting game mode


  • Q1 2022: Whitelist for land sale, MAVIA token launch
  • Q3 2022: Public beta launch
  • Q4 2022: Mavia v1.0 game launch

Final thoughts

HoM is a game that is able to reward to both active players and passive investors that simply want a stake in the game. Being a strategy-focused game, I am excited to be early enough to innovate and establish the meta, once it launches.

HoM has an opportunity to spearhead the P2E gaming industry, and I will be keeping a close eye on the game and the roadmap.

Official Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaviaGame

Website: https://www.mavia.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEsG9bqZilH29cW6gC5oApQ

Medium: https://medium.com/heroes-of-mavia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heroesofmavia/

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Disclaimer: This article is simply my opinion and is not financial advice. Always DYOR!

Website: atesis.vc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtesisCapital

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